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Happy Kids in Sports - Mama's Blessings

Happy Kids in Sports

kids and sportsPlaying any sport forces you to persevere. Playing on a team produces cooperation.

When my five children were young, we encouraged them to play all kinds of sports. Not really because of me, I might add, it was their Dad who loved sports and could play anything.

Dejectedly, when I went to school, I was always one of the last ones picked for a team.

I wanted to play everything, but no one wanted me.

My husband jokes now and says “I would have picked you had I known you back then”.

I know better.

He wouldn’t have!

He likes to win and somehow I didn’t look like a winner! Don’t worry, I have no issues regarding my childhood school yard picks!

Sports though, teaches teamwork, discipline and cooperation. We spent many hours driving to and from all sorts of games.

We celebrated their victories and mourned their losses.

Teamwork teaches them to persevere; not to quit and stay on the team.

Life isn’t always fair and some coaches aren’t either. Allow me to encourage you to make those teachable moments. Sadly, our kids find out soon enough, life isn’t fair and neither are their bosses.

However, playing on a team is still helpful in life. Even though not every child is “athletic” any group activity, sports or otherwise, will teach them life skills. Be sure to spend some time pondering what sport or activity is right for them. Find one that suits your child.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength”. Philippians 4:13 

 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1 

 Today’s Prayer:

“Thank you Heavenly Father for healthy children who can run and play. Help me to teach them to persevere and not quit when the going gets tough. They can do everything through You who gives them strength. Help me to encourage my children”.







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